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What is an icontest?
An Icontest is when there is a weekly challenge
for icon makers. There is always a new theme, and
everyone gets to vote. At our icontest, we only
have a few rules.
1. You may submit 2 icons, unless specified
2. Your icon may not be shown until after
the contest. Meaning DO NOT use it as a buddy icon,
post it in your journal, elsewhere.. and so on. DO
NOT ask someone to vote for you.
3 Please respect other members & the mods. Though
you may not agree, it is common courtesy that you give
others the respect you would like in return.
3 Do not vote for your own icon. Simply said.
4 No X-rated material please. Things like Jessica
Rabbit are fine, but nudity and other x-rated images
should stay out of here.
5 Every entry must be disney-related, or owned by
6 All entries must be submitted to the post with
the challenge on it. Anywhere else unless specified is not
7 The icons MUST be submitted by deadline. No
8 If you are given a screen cap, then USE THAT
SCREEN CAP. No other images are allowed unless specified.
9 If you are given a quote/lyrics, you must use at least
3 words in that quote/lyrics & no other words.

What is the schedule of this contest?
MONDAY-FRIDAY Weekly theme is being run
FRIDAY Entries must be in by 8PM EST
FRIDAY(cont) New theme is posted.
SATURDAY-SUNDAY Voting is taking place.

How do I post?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
SOURCE: The Lion king

Where can I find images?
This is easy. Go to the memories of
cap_it. They have TONS of screen caps.

Can I promote this contest?
OF COURSE. So far we dont have our buttons up,
but we will soon.

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